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Metro Menace!

If you travel to and fro in Metro daily, you would have observed these three types for sure. It is one of the safest ways to travel? yes! But every rose has its thorns. So, look here, 3 most annoying kinds to deal with while getting back to your place.

  1. The crying baby

*But babies are so adorable* No, I’m not denying that they aren’t but a baby who is crying recklessly after a tiring day is not exactly what you wish for, right? They are cute and lovable only until you can make them laugh but the minute they start crying. “Please Can someone take this baby away for me and quieten him?” ; like “Shush, this is not what I signed up for. I just wanted to see a laughing baby being cute.” You are returning from your workplace or college and this is last thing you want. You feel sorry for the poor mother who’s having a hard time calming down her little babe but come on, you want a little peace before heading home to more work.

2. The eyeballing perv

That male who is shamelessly staring at women from the compartment right next to women’s one. Your sour looks or expressions filled with disgust won’t throw him off even for a second. He wouldn’t give a damn about your stone cold death stare as long as he can gawk at you.You can’t help thinking “Alright! Only this was missing from my perfect day.” And if you are travelling in General compartment, this guy would brush past deliberately to exit the metro like it is easily the most common thing.

3. The aunties

Coming back home, you ascend the escalator murmuring under your breath ‘I hope I get a seat today’. And then those aunties come swooping in out of nowhere ‘Beta, lemme sit. There’s a pain in my back or in my knees.” Or the aunties who push you aside to get in and then give you little space where you are hanging on the door, wait for it, while breathing down your neck. They literally don’t have term called as ‘personal space’ in any of their dictionaries. When you ask them to move a little, they’ll give you this look of innocence saying “I’m just gonna get off if you can stand for 2 more minutes.” and guess what, they’ll get off two stations before the last one. I absolutely have not forgotten those aunties who think they are expert advisers. They have formulated an opinion on everything from govt. policies to the daughter-in-law of friend next door. They have microphones installed in their throat because every other person in their compartment will know about faults they found in that daughter-in-law. The funny thing is that they don’t have energy to stand but they have all the energy needed to share gossips. There are these aunties too who escape the eye at first but they stand in the corner silently judging people, each new person entering.

It does not end here, the list goes on but then again you can do nothing about it. People will continue be a pain in the ass.


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