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Messages from the dead in your dreams- What do they mean?


Messages from the dead in your dreams- What do they mean?

We have different dreams that are reflections of something that happened or something that may be about to happen. Our experiences and expectations shape our dreams. Depending on the colors, places, happenings and the people in our dreams, each person’s dream carries specific meaning. Each type of dream may be associated with a particular omen, good or bad. This article elaborates the common perceptions about the reasons and meanings behind dreaming about a dead person.

Messages received from dead persons through your dreams:

These dreams may often depend upon your relationship with that person or what they were. You may dream of messages that they are likely to convey to you if they are alive. Based on your perception about them and how they would respond to you in certain situations, you may dream the message from the dead. The communication may also be by your subconscious self to you. It reflects the way thoughts are stored by a part of your brain that you don’t know exists. If the message by the dead in your dream is good news, you are hoping for better things, you are feeling optimistic, you are up for good deeds. It reflects the decisions you are about to make. If the message conveyed is a bad one, then you need to be alarmed. They are signs of your insecurity and negative vibes. There is something nagging you and you are anticipating bad things. Always look out for why you dreamt it that way and amend your thoughts.

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