Rahul Gandhi Hugs Narendra Modi Meme

Meme Maker Once Again Targeted Rahul Gandhi For Hug To Prime Minister Narendra Modi In Parliament.

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Avishwas Prastav goes into the BJP’s favor and once again the man who paid the cost is Mr. Rahul Gandhi. During the Avishwas Prastav when he finished his speech he went to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s seat and hug him. It was some thing unexpected from him and all the members present in the parliament were shocked by Rahul Gandhi’s this behavior. After this he also gives eye wink moment to Narendra Modi. But again as usual this does not worked in Mr. Gandhi’s favor and he paid huge amount for his this unexpected behavior. The meme makers once again targeted him and very soon #RahulHugsModi started trending on Twitter. Twitter flooded with Rahul Gandhi’s Meme on his hug to Narendra Modi. 

Let’s check some of the Funniest Meme and Trolls From the #RahulHugsModi trends.
















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