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Love Yourself Age Is Just A Number. Read How!



Love Yourself Age Is Just A Number. Read How!

Most amazingly saying by -Eleanor Roosevelt “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”

What meant beauty exactly? It depends on us how we actually signed the beauty in our mind. For me beauty is feeling good when you see yourself in the mirror you should feel happy no one can keep you happy until you feel from inside, age does not matter when you feel beautiful and young from inside. And by the way who is going to ask your age every time except your birthday(Lol)  age is just a number.

Some best Anti-Aging tips are as follow:

  • Massage your Body:

I absolutely believe in massage it actually nourishes your body entirely.  Moving blocked energy makes me feel younger from the inside out. Do deep-tissue massage, If you don’t have the time or money to get one regularly, you can achieve a lot of the same benefits by taking 30 minutes each day to stretch, meditate, and calm yourself, breathing deeply in and out.

  • Taking rest :

Getting insufficient sleep can age skin prematurely, in short, it results in dark circles and a lackluster complexion.stress raises the levels of the hormone which increases oil production and can lead to bouts of acne

  • Massage your face:

Massage your face with coconut and almond oil. Best Essential Oil For Aging Skin, best to remove scars, flaws, and aging. It will help you to improve the texture of skin.

  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

The perfumes and retinol included in most major anti-aging creams can be big enemies, so avoid them. Instead, review the different creams to find those that are designed for sensitive skin. When in doubt, ask your dermatologist if they feel that a specific cream is right for you. Protect Your Skin from direct sun rays.

  • Keep Your Skin Clean:

Use very mild cleansers that you know won’t damage your skin. Additionally, be sure to use lukewarm water instead of very hot temperatures. And make certain that you never rub your face with a towel to dry it ‘s always better to pat it dry to avoid rashes and breakouts.

  • Moisturize Your skin daily:

Most sensitive skin anti-aging treatments will focus on hydration, but it’s still important to make sure you use the best possible hydration formulas to keep your skin moist and supple.

  • Aging is of 2 types:-
  1. Normal aging.
  2. Premature aging.

The number of melanocytes decreases with aging, that can make your skin stiff & loose and less protective against UV rays.

Normal aging happens when people become older.

In premature aging, skin gets more damaged due to bad habits, Premature aging can be caused due to bad lifestyle and wrong habits i.e smoking & drinking and sun exposure etc.

So change your habits and say hello to new skin routine which makes your aging skin more younger and fresh forever.

  • Do yoga and meditation.

Yoga improves blood circulation and concentration, strengthen muscles and it also enhance oxygen carrying capacity, keep our body fit by burning fat and losing weight thus slow down aging.

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