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Lesser known facts about Justin Bieber

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There are many things you know about Justin: he was a child YouTube star who made it big, he loves his little siblings, he had a tumultuous relationship with Selena Gomez (#NeverForget) and uh, he’s everyone’s (not-so) secret fave. But often it’s easy to forget that the people we see on screens and in magazines and on social media are usually only fractions of the whole picture. After all, knowing someone’s name and consuming their work doesn’t mean you actually know who they are, no matter how huge of a fan you may be. There are just some things that are kept private, or, in this case, are just less known.

Usher started his career.

Sure, he got his first exposure – and met manager Scooter Braun — thanks to the videos that his mom uploaded to YouTube, but it was Usher that signed him to a label.

If he weren’t signed by Usher, he was considering going on American Idol.

What if he didn’t win?! (No, no, such a thing would not happen!)

His favorite breakfast is Berry Captain Crunch.

Now you can also buy Captain Crunch with berries and imagine that you and Justin are eating the same thing at the same time.

He was once late to a concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, because he was visiting a 7-year-old girl in the hospital.

The little fan had Leukemia, and Justin made sure he didn’t rush spending time with her. Proof that his heart is even bigger than his name.

He loves the movie The Notebook.

If you had any doubts that he was a total softie on the inside, know this: Justin would love nothing more than to curl up and cry at a Nicholas Sparks movie with you.

His father Jeremy is a former MMA fighter.

Success runs in the family! And let’s not forget that Justin actually boxes with his dad, too. (Sweet and strong? Yep. He definitely is.)

He doesn’t let #haters keep him down… despite negative reviews, his documentary Never Say Never grossed $100 million worldwide.

In fact, New York Magazine described him as a “bland, pious, profoundly unthreatening little Furby of a pop idol,” but the 3D concert-film experience grossed him a pretty serious amount of money.

He loves Disney!

He once took Selena Gomez there on Valentine’s Day (#NeverEverForget) and once even made mention of his favorite film…The Lion King!

He’s claustrophobic.

Bieber is not a fan of crowded spaces, particularly, elevators.

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