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Leaving the identity behind…..


Leaving the identity behind…..

Our youngsters are growing in a’fantastic india’.They have both options and opportunities to make use of. They are smart,witty and intelligent However the cost they are paying is huge.

some reasons why this generation is leaving its identity behind.

Who will make a compromise?
we all are bad at making a compromise,we are too certain of having things our own way that a little uncertainty leaves us unprepared to accept the change. and that’s how we become intolerant.

More about instant gratification.
We grew up and continue to thrive in a culture that allows instant access to just anything.we are so into the instantiation that we have distractions for almost everytime we get bored,this is what we say our own space,’the’ virtual space’.

A Culture driven by drugs and booze.
This goes hand to hand with this culture.we find alcohol and drugs as the easiest means of self medication.
However this can so be concluded as the reason of self destruction.

Do we really feel ‘loved’.
We have sadness,anger,loneliness because we have a boundary around ourselves.we do not give enough space to our feelings.we keep ourselves within our self-made boundaries which does not allow us to look out of it.

Perfection is not always beautiful.
We are so keen of attaining perfection that we ignore the beautiful imperfect things which sometimes matter more than the final goal.

Interacting selectively
Pushing the headphones inside and silently defining ourselves busy actually makes us away from our culture.
A healthy interaction always keeps you healthy.

‘We have a rich culture that define us and we define it.Connecting to our roots and growing with it makes us stronger.Thats how we say “strengthening the roots makes a tree stronger.”

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