How To Prevent Ingrown Hair With These Simple Tips

Learn How To Prevent Ingrown Hair With These Simple Tips

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What are ingrown hairs? Ingrown hairs are hairs which grow back into your skin instead of rising from it. When dead skin clogs up the hair follicle, it causes the hair inside to grow sideways inside the skin instead of growing upward and outward. Occasionally, cutting naturally curly hair can cause the sharpened end of the hair to pierce through the skin, thereby causing the growth of ingrown hair. An ingrown hair can induce skin irritation because it produces a raised red bump that resembles a little pimple. Ingrown hairs can be very itchy and uncomfortable and one may see pus inside the bumps.


  1. EXFOLIATE REGULARLY – When hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells, it causes the growth of an ingrown hair. This clogging causes the hair to grow sideways. Hence, regular exfoliation prevents the accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, thereby preventing the growth of ingrown hair.
  1. HAIR REMOVAL CREAMS – When the hair grows back after you shave them, it has a sharper edge and pierced through the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to let the hair grow freely without shaving it. Sensitive hair removal creams can be used instead.
  1. USE THE BEST BLADE IF YOU ARE GOING TO SHAVE– It is advisable to use an electrical shaver because it does not cut your hair too close thus preventing the growth of an ingrown hair or itchy regrowth.
  1. SHAVING CREAM – It is vital to find a good shaving cream if you are going to use a manual razor. It is thereby suggested to opt for an alcohol-free, sensitive formula to prevent your skin from drying out.
  1. GO IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION – Each hair will be cut at a sharper angle if you shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. Therefore, this causes the skin to grow back under the skin. Hence, it is advised to shave in the same direction as hair growth inorder to prevent the growth of ingrown hair.
  1. POST-SHAVE TREATMENT – It is vital to use post shave products after shaving because the salicylic acid and the glycolic acid present in the pads dissolve any accumulation of dead skin cells from the surface and prevent clogging and prevent the growth of ingrown hairs. The formula usually contains lavender oil and oats to relieve any post-shave skin irritation.
  1. NEVER SQUEEZE AN INGROWN HAIR – One should resist the urge to squeeze an ingrown hair because it could push the hair deeper into the skin or spread bacteria into the pores thereby resulting in an infection.




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