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Late Night Conversation are wonderful


Late Night Conversation are wonderful

Just like the character Bucky Barnes in Avengers has trigger words to become a dangerous assassin, 3 am is a metaphor to those trigger words to become one’s vulnerable self. Up until which point do we realize that we are distributing coupons of our, let’s put it mildly, possible downfall? But let’s face it, only person talking to us at 3 am and ruining their sleep is pretty significant. Anyone for the matter of fact isn’t dumb enough to discuss their innermost fears and deeper desires with any Tom, Dick or Harry.

I assure you that you’ll have plenty of 3 am friends. Each one different from the one before. You want to be there for each other all the time and you mean it. But sometimes things get complicated. No reason to leave that person and move on. You never move on. They will always remember you as you mattered a great deal and you will always remember them because they handled you at your vulnerable hours. 3 am friends are special and will remain so, no matter how trends go about. Because, dude, at 3 am you make trends.

Those 3 am talks are indeed the precious ones. Someone took the time and effort to understand your confused personality, helps you sort your priorities and figures out a potential plan for you to comprehend and follow. What are the odds that person is gonna stick with you for a long while? I say that the odds are, apparently, really good. I believe this person, the one you’re thinking about right now is a big part of your life and you wanna keep it that way because it is not an easy task to give a part of yourself to someone else. It takes tremendous strength to be able to confess and admire someone after their confessions and accept them as they are. But kudos as you both have done it well, this special-beautiful-close-friend of yours and you. At 3 am words are boosted with life meaning an awful lot beyond just the definitions. It’s true 3 am has seen it all from our worst heartbreaks to reliving the best moments of our lives.



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