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Keep social media away from your real social life


Keep social media away from your real social life

Too lost and too immersed in the virtual world we people are. And, the Z generation needs a special place of mention. What with the endless list of entertaining sites, social media, and apps! We hardly have time to glance up away from the lighted screen. Our fingers wave their works out swifter than ever. Carried away by the brainchildren of technology, we forget to set time aside for a face-to-face, heart-to-heart conversation. The numbers of likes and reactions your pictures get have more places of concern. And, whether or not your mom remembered to take her tablet escapes your mind. We check up on newsfeeds more than we check up on our grandparents and relatives. Why have things taken a turn so sharp that we have let go of our socializing skills in real life? Do we even know our neighborhood thoroughly?


Let’s get some things straight. How popular you are on Instagram isn’t going to matter in other ten or twenty years. All your attempts at media socializing cannot amount to the real people who sweat their skin off to bring you up. Your parents are getting older by the day and losing their vigor and strength gradually. Make the most of your time with them, while they are still there. Take them to fun places, go shopping, let them choose clothes for you, cook them new recipes, introduce them to your friends and give them a piece of your life. All it takes is your little endeavors to let them have a pleasant and light-hearted aging. Let them never feel out of place in this fast-moving tech world. For all you know one day you will think of what all you could have done in return for their selfless love and you may not have time or place.

Visiting the park, the badminton court or the local photography club and getting to know people around improves your interpersonal relationships and makes you better as a social being. The people you hang out with and have talked over dinner have more to do with your healthy personality development than your “Facebook buddies”. Social media sure has its goodness and advantages too. But, let them not cross that line where they fuse with your personal real life and override your relations with people, hobbies and things that matter. Experience the joy that life outside the internet can offer. Well, if you want to put your Social Medias to good use, one of the ways would probably be to video chat with your parents or long distance friends. Sort out your priorities right away.

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