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Is there any right age for Using smartphones?


Is there any right age for Using smartphones?

Smart Phones today, not only allows you to communicate but connect with everyone you know. They are the solution to almost all your problems. And with internet in it, it is unbeatable. And thus, it is almost impossible to keep our kids completely away from it. In one way or the other, many of their problems are sorted on smartphones.
Even we want them to keep it so that we can be assured of their security, but, are we keeping them safe or putting them into trouble.

No doubt, smartphones make things easier and solve so many problems for you and your kids, but in spite of solving almost all of our issues, smartphones are still a matter of concern in many ways, one of such is what is the right age for smartphones? Or is there any right age at all?

In earlier times, parents were concerned about the car keys. Which is the perfect age to give kids the permission to drive the car, now smartphones are the concerns. We cannot completely keep them away from the technology, as their projects, class works and many such things are depended over these. Sometimes parents give them their own phone, so that they may not ask for parent’s phone. And that’s where we are wrong as parents.

Experts say try to keep away your child from the smartphone, for as long as you can. There is no such particular age when a child should be considered to handover a smartphone.
More than providing them a helping hand, smartphones may take them to the darker side of the internet. Surveys show, the pornography and sexting can start as early as the fifth standard, which is really dangerous. There are so many apps and games and much useless stuff that makes your child’s mind full of garbage, rather than giving them anything useful.

Apart from these, smartphones can affect your ward in many more ways, the most important one is physical. Children who spent more time indoors don’t get enough to grow properly. They may get obese, or affect their retina. Thus we need to make a smart choice about smartphones.

As parents, sometimes, even we push our kids to use it because we are too busy to spend time with them. But remember nobody knows your kids, as you do. So you decide and select a perfect age to give them smartphones, so that they may pay proper attention to their studies, hobbies, playing and real friends for their proper and overall growth.

As parents, it’s our duty, to introduce them to things which can improve their mental level, not degrade it. Encourage them, to read and make real-life friends. And when you feel its perfect, then give them the smartphone.

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