Interesting Books to Read on Trains

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We know commuting sucks. We always find ways to kill our time on train. Despite the fact that its easy and comfortable to travel on train, it is likewise extremely exhausting. Whether you’re heading to work or to college, you’ll likely need something to spend the hours on train. Nothing can ease the pain of travelling to work better than an engrossing read. Here is the list of some books that will make your travel time feel like no time at all :

1. The Girl On The Train

Paula Hawkin’s psychological thriller ‘The Girl on the Train’ is about a woman called Rachel, who catches the same train every morning and becomes obsessed with a couple whose garden backs on to the tracks. She has imagined a perfect life for them, while her own is falling apart. But things are, of course, not what they seem. It is a must read for all train riders.

2. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

This book is by Tom Robbins. The story is about a woman, Sissy Hankshaw, who is born with extra large thumbs. She takes it as a sign that she should become a hitchhiker. You should definitely pick this one. This is adventurous and exciting as it’s about a girl who lives on her own terms.

3. The Snow Leopard

This is by Peter Matthiessen. It’s about a journey across the Himalayas and through the human soul. This one is for long commutes, and it is entirely engrossing. You need to relax and spend more time on this book to fully enjoy its magic.

4. Murder on the Orient Express

The perfect murder-on-board crime novel by Agatha Christie is one of the best books to read on trains. It’s impossible to guess the ending and you will really enjoy the book.

5. The Sleeper

Every one of Emily Barr’s books is thrilling and this involves the sleeper train from London to Cornwall. A body, a missing person, an illicit affair and a carriage of red herrings that will surely make you lost in the book.

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