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Important History Of Mobile Phones You Probably Did Not Knows.

History Of Mobile Phones


Important History Of Mobile Phones You Probably Did Not Knows.

Historical TIMELINE of Mobile phones

Important years  Milestones
1876 First Phone call in history
“Mr Watson, please come here. I want to see you” said Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant on 10th MARCH 1976 over the first phone call made. History was also made that day.
1960 The first mobile phone was released being able to use a wide range phone network and a specific number unlike the walkie talkies.
1973 The first mobile call was made by Motorola employee over his phone via AT and T network . The phone weighed over a kg and took 10 hours to charge .
1979 The first comercially available 1G network is launched in Japan
1983 The first model DYNATEC 8000X goes for sale in USA for  $4000
1986 Motorola launches 4500X mobile which weighs 3.5 Kgs !!
1989 Motorola releases first flip phone – The Microtac 9800X
1992  Merry christmas was the 1st text message sent !!
1996 The First slider phone – NOKIA 8110  was released in this year and thi iconic phone was used bt Keanu reeves in the MATRIX movie
1997  SNAKE GAME – the first game on 5110 mobile platform was released by Nokia .
1998 The first 3G network platform are launched
2000 The first business phone – Blackberry 857 supporting HTML web and email was launched marking starting of Blackberries in world of business.
2002 World’s 1st Camera phone – Sanyo  SCP5300 was released
2003 NOKIA 1100 was released which went onto become the highest selling phone in world till date.
2005 Android OS was acquired by Google
2007 Apple gave the world its FIRST IPHONE . Unveiled by Steve Jobs , it was literally 5 years ahead of its time in mobile tech.
2007 First 4G launched in South Korea followed by Sweden
2008 The first Android phone the G1 was launched with touchscreen and slider keyboard.
2009 Whatsapp is launched and rest is history !!
2011 The thinnest phone of world – 7.1 mm thin – the Motorola RAZR is released
2012 Iphone 5  released
2014 Snapchat has a record of people sharing over whopping 700 MILLION photos each day

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