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Immortality: leave a legacy


Immortality: leave a legacy

No noble soul is left to live in peace. The envious want to see their downfall and go to such extents to disrupt their lives, to destroy their worth which is humiliating but they cannot be stopped. Amidst all this chaos flourishes humility, experiences, knowledge and other such appreciable qualities which can never cease to exist.

Noble people leave behind a legacy, abundant amount of ways in which they touch fellow lives cannot be forgotten. Like an inevitable fact, actions, memories, the consequences of their bold deeds linger for a long time. It is passed onto descendants as a token of love and wisdom which withstands the torture of time. Their immortality does not lie in their physical selves but in words they speak, actions as well as reactions to various situations, in what they write. Noble lives are so many kinds which inspire the whole of human race. They maybe writers, freedom fighters, teachers, artists, philosophers, thinkers, inventors etc they all have something immortal to bestow upon all which survives.

The struggles, the fights, the wins go down in history books, in pride of civilians, in foundation of a country. India owes to Gandhi’s efforts in obtaining Independence and no newborn would live without learning about this crusade. An 18-year-old girl left to fend for her state Jhansi with a baby boy on her back, Rani Lakshmibai won’t be wiped off our memory. Or that person no one has a clue about exists to this date in Shakespeare’s sonnet 55, must have been one good person. Rabindranath Tagore’s contribution won’t go unheeded.

Immortality lies in selfless deeds and help offered to needy. The lives made easier with some contribution. When people want to be like someone they idolize, those noble souls live in those people. It is true that ‘In the wreck of noble lives, Something immortal still survives.’ Live on with the best of you overcoming the best of time.

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