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If You Are Looking For A “Boyfriend On rent” On This Valentine Day, Your Solution Is Here!

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I have got all the solution of a millennial single women. On this V-Day if you don’t have someone who can treat you as a princess, who can do cheesy things for you and who can spend all day just for you only then you don’t need to worry.

Gurgaon based entrepreneur  Shakul Mehta, 26 offering a Boyfriend On Rent Service for all the single lady on this valentine. What! Someone can rent a boy friend? how it can be possible? Little shocking na! ya but this guy Shakul mehta make the dare to offer himself as a rented Boyfriend.

And even he has a list of services that he wanted to offer in his Boyfriend On rent package. He make a big list of things that he can do or he can’t do for you.

Read out the list here

This is little weird right? Ya but at the same time this is not weird for those people who already know Shakul Mehta. On last Valentine Day, This guy offer a dinner date in 5 star hotel and I-Phone 7 for the girl who will be his V-Day. And he got 5 girls for the hangout. Well let’s see how his plan works this year.

This is not the only services he is offering. When I visited his Facebook Page, I found that every time he offer something special for the girls.

Read this list of offer till the time he made on his Facebook page.

Well i would must like to say that this guy have enough dare to offer this kind of things socially.

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