I am the only kid to my parents.... And no, i'm not a spoilt brat! - Wittyrumours
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I am the only kid to my parents…. And no, i’m not a spoilt brat!


I am the only kid to my parents…. And no, i’m not a spoilt brat!

I am the only daughter to my parents. Having had enough with raising and running around me, they probably didn’t want to go through all of it again. They didn’t want another kid after me and I didn’t look forward to a sibling either. Contrary to the common feelings of loneliness that single kids share, I was perfectly fine with my own company. When I was 5 or 6 years old, my classmates and friends would excitedly announce the arrival of a new kid at their homes. I would be lying if said that didn’t appear appealing. I wanted to have a sibling, not for the love for a sibling but to join the team of my friends who were becoming the elder brothers or sisters at home. My lack of interest on a sibling does not mean that I wanted to have my parents all to myself and loathed sharing the home. Instead, I would say I was comfortable being by myself. I was satisfied with the idea that this is what our family would be like. Me, father and mother. As I entered adolescence, I had my one crew of friends. There were plenty of girl stuff to do with my girls, lots of boys to be gossiped about and changes that my body and mind had to adapt to. My parents were careful not to let me bask in the advantages of being a single kid. They made sure I wouldn’t turn out to be a ‘spoilt brat’ as they call it. My mother was nothing less than a sister to me. We share the same body frame and I always grew up whisking away her clothes, shoes, and accessories. We would argue each other’s ears off and forget it later that it even happened. Being their only daughter made me feel completely in charge of their health and safety. It cast more responsibility on me because I knew that the only child they could rely upon and expect support from is me. For all I knew, there were lots of sisters and brothers from other mothers.

Whoever that said single kids can’t share easily was so wrong. There are plenty of ways to develop the quality of sharing other than from siblings. Sharing and caring came naturally when we girls exchanged snacks and hairpins in the hostel dormitory. Contributing to a huge birthday cake for a friend, teaching each other before the last golden minutes to an exam, and planning together on a long-vision tour that would probably never come into execution…. That did the entire job that siblinghood would have done. I was never short of any good qualities that are associated with growing up with a sister or a brother. Being a single daughter was never a disadvantage. Being so never left me selfish. There are so many perks of growing up as a single child if only you could utilize them. If you lack empathy, compassion and generosity and your parents make an excuse out of you being a single kid, then boy that is so lame!

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