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How to learn Coding?

Learning coding.


How to learn Coding?

I guess you must have made your mind to learn programming before reading this article but You should be clear of your goals and ambitions you want to achieve through it. It must be clear why you are going to learn it.  If not, then you should first make it up because the compulsory prerequisite for learning it is your very “strong desire” to learn.

Now, you would be confused whether to start by your own or should join an institute. Let us demystify both the prospects.

  • Joining an institute: It can be a very good choice if chosen wisely. First, search for the mentor’s profile and then look for the projects they have made or is currently working for. In fact, for a good coder, his works are always more valuable than his qualifications. Now, you can browse for their programs, fees, infrastructures, location. Make sure they are using latest technologies which are in trend in the software industries. If everything is affordable, comfortable and satisfying for you then go for it. But, many of the institutes are not up to mark and are making business in names of summer/winter training and boot camps. So, be vigilant in choosing. After joining , follow their curriculum to achieve the best outcome.


  • Learn by your own – Online Courses: Overcoming the constraints of accommodations, travelling and high cost, learning on your own could be a better choice. You just need you laptop and a good internet connection. You can ENROLL for any of the worldwide recognized MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) at platforms like Nptel, Udemy, Edx, Coursera, MIT OCW, Stranford Lagunita etc. Next step is PRACTISE and Join competitive programming platforms like CodeChef, SPOJ, HackerEarth, HackerRank, Codeforces, Topcoder, UVa online Judge or whatever you like.  Store your projects at GitHub. Last step is DISCUSS with the peers. You can join the various forums and Google your queries. In fact, a programmer find solution to almost all his bugs in Stack Overflow.


Whatever the path you chose, the obvious outcome should be achieved. In the process, you will feel low many times when you couldn’t find the bugs, for those times your will power can only make you out. And yes,

Coders Never Quit.

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