How To Get Rid Of Back Acne?

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Back acne is very common in mostly teenagers who have reached puberty till the age 30. It can occur in ages above 30 as well. The most favorite prey for it are the ages mentioned above. People living in humid and hot weathers usually tend to have more back acne. According to “The Times of India”, Dr. Trasi says that acne is hormonal; ordinarily women tend to have acne on face. Men tend to fall its victim by having acne on the back. Your oil glands are located on your face, back, your shoulders and buttocks. These glands secrete oil and sweat. You may not be able to wash your body right away after sweating a lot. This can bring out acne.

Do your laundry more often
Because you sweat more, you also need to clean your clothes and your linens more often. So while your sheets may not feel dirty after a week or two, trust us they are. And in the summer you are more likely sleep in the nude, therefore just rubbing week-old sweat and dead skin back into your pores. Get it? Wash your sheets at least once a week with fragrance-free laundry detergent. Fragrance and other additives can irritate sensitive skin.
If you can’t wash your gym clothes after each use, you can clean them in the shower post workout and hang them to dry. Make it your mission this summer to treat your skin to freshly laundered fabric.

Look for the products you are using
When washing and conditioning, flip your hair to the front and rinse forward to avoid leaving shampoo and conditioner residue on your back. And instead of regular sunscreen, choose ones that are labeled “ultra-light” or “quick-dry.” It’s also better to use lotions in the summer rather than creams because they have less oil content and rely more on the water to hydrate the skin, so they’re less clogging.

Going to the spa soon? Massage oils are fine — just finish your massage off with some steam in a shower or sauna to open up your pores to melt away the oils.

Sun rays can be harmful
Overexposure to the sun’s rays dries you out and creates the dead flaky skin. That dead skin clogs the pores on your back and shoulders. This causes pimples. So you should be careful to always use sunscreen and refrain from laying out in the sun too much—it also causes cancer, which you don’t want either.

Sea-salt remedy
Sea salt cure can really get you free from back acne. Albeit very little research has been done on why ocean salt is so viable in disposing of a pimple, it might be on account of it is successful in containing bacterial development. Salt likewise adequately dries out your skin, taking endlessly all the oil that causes acne on your back.
The individuals who have utilized this solution for back acne, have adulated it for the speedy and successful answer for their acne. Notwithstanding, at whatever point you choose to utilize salt for your back pimple cure, try for ocean salt and not the table salt as it has iodine in it which may further make the skin inflammation multiply.

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