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How to deal with Backbitching!


How to deal with Backbitching!

People are so idle in their lives that sometimes they will even cook up something only for the sake of entertainment. Thriving on drama, gulping it down with a spice of spectacle and licking for an aftertaste, loving every last bit of it. Not caring for any person, making silly, pointless and baseless accusations on someone because their own life is dull and boring. Realization does not come easy about the consequences.

Apathy towards problems and daily mental, emotional, physical fights of other people are not considered for a second when it turns to absurdities by humans. Back-bitching or saying something which does not harm them but will conjure up some kind of reaction from the people into those difficulties is an inhumane act. Nobody has right to make anyone at all feel bad about themselves or question their entire existence. There is only so much a person can take and taking wild digs at someone puts them into bad light which should not be acceptable.

If you find yourself someone ever using you as a tool for drama in their lives, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Take no notice of what they say. Honestly, what they think is their problem, not yours. And if it is something which can ruin your reputation. Go and tell the other people concerned about your situation.
  2. Believe in yourself and your will power to fight all of the circumstances. You can brave whatever comes your way and win.
  3. Do not let opinions of others and digs they take at you affect you in any way. It should not be responsible for a change in your behaviour. They are not in charge of your future, only you are.
  4. In no case, explain to them anything. More problems will come your way. Dirty ways do not change.
  5. Stay as far away from these toxic people as possible and cut them out of their life. No one is more important that your happiness.

Rejoice, their back-bitching only revealed to you true colours of people you don’t need in your life. Congrats!

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