How good is parenthood for marital relationships?

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The pregnancy days could be considered the second most blissful phase in the lives of happily married couples, in line after the honeymoon period, of course. The pregnancy period and its nauseating package of physical and mental anguish is no joke. But, the sweet anticipation of the arrival of the baby and all the plans the couple share are feelings beyond beautiful. Starting from what the baby’s nose would look like, whose traits it would share to which shampoo would best suit the baby’s hair, the endless things the parents contemplate on, are joys to behold. And what with the entire essential cum romantic pampering the mother-to-be is rendered by her sweetheart? For sure, this phase poses tough competition to the Honeymoon one. The new born baby then arrives, bearing the euphoric fruits of the long, ecstatic wait. Here ends the trial round and the parents qualify onto the next stage of parenthood. It is this stage after the birth of the baby that is often alleged of having something to do with the weakening of the parents’ marital relationship.

Does this stage drive the marriages to wane? Not necessarily, I would say… Underpinning this on a general note, activities that a couple cooperatively indulges in together, take their intimacy a notch higher. Anything that requires them to give their share of contribution and demands their coordinated energy nourishes their bond. Parenthood necessities one such phase where one can hardly do without the other. They step out of the delightful, comfortable fantasies of the pregnancy period and further their roles as parents by getting into the strenuous task of raising a social man out of an infant. It is something the parents do together as a couple. In contrary to the notion that parenting can blow off marital satisfaction, it only triggers their senses of functioning as a closely proximate couple because taking turns to bring home the bacon is what an ideal marriage is about. And, parenthood demands just that. It relentlessly asks for the couple to always have each other’s back. As any wise or educated parent will know, the marital friendliness a couple shares between themselves will constitute a tremendous part of the childhood memories of their daughter/son to be looked back in later years. This only reinforces them to nourish a happy marriage. Come as it may with long sleepless nights heading to the baby’s cries, the pristine joys of seeing the baby unfold tender little human chores of walking, talking and laughing can only unleash proximity between the couple. The love a couple share can never suffer a detrimental effect from the arrival of a baby whose birth was rejoiced with great bliss and content. It sure adds to their responsibilities as members of marriage but what in adulthood has ever escaped the taxations called by the name of responsibilities?

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