How do you get your kids to read books?

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You buy your toddler an alphabets’ book. Much to your joy, it eagerly opens the book and flips through the pages but only to batter it to pieces an hour later. Now to all those grim-faced mothers out there, don’t be upset because your child didn’t imbibe anything from the nursery rhymes audios that you used to play with it when he/she was in your womb. Relax; your kid has a whole childhood life ahead.


  1. There are many of you who probably shove a book into your toddler’s hand before it has even grown arms strong enough to hold it. Do not push him/her to read a book. Do not impose Anything that is imposed gives the flavor of medicines. Medicines are yes, good for them and you might want to force it down their throats. But it is only when they feel pleasant about something that they want to do it more than often. Books are wonderful things, wonderful companions. Let them never associate books with sourness. Let them never dislike a book’s company.


  1. To begin with, allure your kids’ eyes with books that contain vibrant attractive colors. Anything that feasts the eyes has the immediate attention of the brain. Better pictures, better illustrations, and better concentration. As long as the pictures have them tugging at the rope, the reading part can tiptoe in. When are drawn towards a particular picture that appeals to them, they want to know more about it. Their eyes gaze the letters.

  1. If your kid is no more a toddler that can be coaxed into reading with the help of picture books, then you could try something else. Tell them bedtime stories. Move the story to an interesting, nail-biting plot and drop it right there! Tell them that, to know the ending, they have to read it out of the book. As curiosity is popularly known to get the better of everyone, it shall get the children’s hands on the books. This could work with most kids.


  1. Do not hook them onto the inspirational or spiritual books of yours right away. Let them begin with simple, lucid English novels, for example, those of Enid Blyton. The Famous Five, Secret Seven and The Nancy Drew series contain stories written in the plain yet engaging language. They pique the children’s interest and keep them fantasized and absorbed throughout the reading. As they begin developing a liking for books, they will upgrade themselves to the complex books without you having to press the trigger.


  1. Once they finish reading a particular book, say the Prisoner’s stone from the series of Harry Potter, ask them what the story was about and get into a very necessary animated conversation with them about the characters in the book. Show them you are equally fascinated by the book too. Nothing feels better than discussing your favorite books and its characters with someone who is as fonder of the book as you are. Lead them to experience such a joy. This will slowly take them into the world of books and they will find companionship in the books they love, like nowhere else.
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