Hair Loss? When to see a Dermatologist? Read To Know!

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The most common issue faced by everyone these days is hair loss at a very early age itself. The condition where there is a high rate of hair loss is known as female pattern baldness for females and male pattern baldness for male. The female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness is also known as androgenic alopecia. Female pattern baldness is very similar to the male pattern baldness. Female pattern baldness only differs from male pattern baldness in the loss of hair in different patterns at different stages.


Male/Female pattern baldness is a hereditary problem which is generally caused by a hormone secreting tumor. This type of hair loss problems can be passed down from parents to their children through various types of gene which is a genetic disorder. Male pattern baldness is caused due to the hormones called as androgens. Scientists suspect that the role of these hormones too plays a vital role is male/female pattern baldness too. Smoking has become a trend these days. It is not only harmful to the health it is also found to speed up the male/female pattern baldness issue.


Doctors have classified male/female pattern baldness into 3 different stages:

Stage 1: A small amount of thinning of the hair is seen in a particular area of the patient.

Stage 2: Widening of the particular area occurs with increased thinning of hair surrounding that area.

Stage 3: A patch of hair loss will be seen in that particular area; extreme thinning of all hair completely.


Generally, for male/female pattern baldness there isn’t any sort of testing required such as taking a blood test, thyroid test, etc because male/female pattern baldness is a hereditary problem. Male/Female pattern baldness is identified based of the specific thinning of hair starting at a particular region of the scalp and development of thinning of the throughout the surrounding areas. Please consult with your dermatologist as soon as you notice thinning of your hair at a particular area of the scalp as the earlier diagnosed the more effective all treatments shall be.


As soon as you notice thinning of your hair at a particular area of the scalp please consult your dermatologist as the earlier diagnosed the more effective all treatments shall be. These are the various treatments that shall be suggested by your dermatologists to treat the hair loss issue:

  • Androgen – dependent therapies
  • Androgen – independent therapies
  • Diverse therapies such as
  • Hair Transplantation
  • Use of wigs
  • Laser treatment
  • Hair Stimulation by medication



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