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Google Syndrome.


Google Syndrome.

“One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men;

No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.” 

— Elbert Hubbard

When was the last time that took the help of an Encyclopedia or Britannica to find out the answer to a question that these books could easily answer? Its difficult to remember right? Nobody can blame you for not having an answer because that is exactly the situation with the majority of the population in the world. Technology is developing and spreading like a forest fire and this has further led to the innovation of the well-known search engine, Google.  I don’t really need to introduce to you what Google does or what it exactly is as I’m sure everyone knows that.

Brains with extraordinary memory are becoming ordinary with the advent of Internet. In earlier times people didn’t have various applications in order to remind them of the work that they need to do. They were forced to use their brains in order to remember everything and do their work in a certain pattern. They had to keep everything in mind but now you don’t need to do so. Just one reminder in the calendar app or one alarm in phone and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Internet and technology does not only have cons but has its share of pros too. Internet has brought the world into a close-knit web. It has connected people across continents which was not possible before. It has made information easily accessible and its very handy.

A study highlights the shift from books to Internet

“Google syndrome” is an issue that needs to be given serious concern. Today, when students need to seek answer to a certain question the first thing that comes to their mind is “let’s google it”. But that’s not the way it is supposed to be and children should be made to use their own imagination and brain to reach a destined conclusion.The Google syndrome is destroying those parts of the brain which deals with the higher cognitive levels of thinking. Memorization, comprehension, interpretation, application, synthesis, evaluation and problem solving are the cognitive thinking skills that are all depleting. Empirical evidence uncovered by recent research on the brain is demonstrating abnormal cognition in brain development in students ranging from school to college. People are no more familiar with Dictionary because now they can easily google the meaning of a particular word. Encyclopedia has been exchanged with Wikipedia. It seems that there is nothing that Google doesn’t know and this fact is making people depend more and more on it for everything.

Technology is an incredible thing, provided it used wisely. Instead of doing everything with the of Google people need to switch of their internet for sometime and use their grey matter too. Schools need to incorporate more activities in their schedule which involves using students’ imagination and thinking. Youth are every nation’s future. If they are not trained and brought-up in a proper way then its unfair of us to expect a healthy future. The Google syndrome is a serious issue threatening the future of our society and if not given enough thought, it would destroy everything. We are creating a generation of young people with the inability to focus and concentrate which doesn’t seem that good and healthy.

Humanity is being manipulated to relinquish the greatest gift we posses, the only thing that separates us from other species – our ability to think and reason. We need to use what we possess in a meaningful way and not let it get damaged and destroyed forever.

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