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Get your shit together as there’s more to life than you can see


Get your shit together as there’s more to life than you can see

Shhhhhh!!……. Take a deep breath and Calm down. It’s three a.m. and your pillow cannot soak any more of your tears. It’s fourth consecutive night in row. You’re dying a little inside each day. I understand that life can be tough at times and often too much to handle but stop for a minute and think. Think of all the days which will arrive with new opportunities. No! No! No! Don’t overthink. Overthinking can be dangerous and depressing.

You have friends who say they are there for you and you can call them anytime of the day or night, but sometimes it is not possible to dial. Maybe they won’t understand or you simply cannot make them worry anymore about you because, after all, who doesn’t have problems in their life or worse the fear of being judged. This is first part of overthinking. Call them anyway. If they pick up, you’re saved. Best friends are always there for you when they promise.

Siblings will fight with you, that’s what siblings are for. But they will fight for you too, make a move and talk. Confide in them once and they’ll be with you for all the times to come. Your enemy is their enemy and they hate them more. They cannot bear to see you sad and Lord help those who hurt you because they’re going down bad. You’ll be saved by your siblings.

Or listen to some good soothing music for a while until you fall asleep. Next day everything will seem better than the night before and you can set the actions in motion to make it better. Because think of the days to come. All the books you haven’t read, songs you haven’t sung enough times, movies you’ve always wanted to watch, places to see, people to meet, subjects to explore and whatnot.  So much is left to do that after you are through with it all the nights spent crying will seem so far away in the past.

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