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Freedom of expression:things to know about.

Freedom to express.


Freedom of expression:things to know about.

Freedom of expression: the most fundamental right of our constitution and something we all are aware of.article 19 of our constitution talks about this right.It holds that everyone has right to freedom of openion and expression yet not everyone recieves it.

What is freedom of expression about?

  • It is to articulate our ideas , thoughts and opinions without any censorship, government control and boundaries.Article 19 says everyone shall have the right to freedom without any interference.(Here freedom includes the right to seek , recieve and impart ideas and informations.) But is this all about freedom of expression? No.Here are some interesting facts to know about.

  • Freedom of speech is an unalienable right that every citizen holds.but it is not the consequence of our freedom struggle.The origin of this right goes back to the first ammendment in the constitution of united states which talks about the right to life ,liberty and persuit of happiness,with respect to this freedom of speech prohibits the unlawful banning and censorship.

  • Certain form of the “freedom to express”can be considered as crime too.

It is not that this  right gives you a complete autonomy to practice your will on the cost of  other’s interest.certain things that violates the applicable legislsture are considered as the criminal activities and does not presupposingly come under freedom of expression.

These are hate crimes,child pornography, exploitation of other’s interests,threatening others,conspiring to commit crimes,hampering the government’s works etc.

Cases in which freedom of speech is not applicable:

  • In government matters (at both federal and state level) freedom of speech suffers several restrictions.

  • In legal matters:both federal government and the state government has the power to prohibit and censor freedom of speech in some cases.
  • In the defence matters.


  • Freedom of speech can also be restricted if it is on the cost of society’s interest and well being.

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