For eyes, be wise

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Eyes are the entry tickets to many beautiful love stories. Shimmering full of life and promises, eyes tell you more about a person than lips do. All things we begin to cherish at the sight of it, owe their joy to these Angel given things called eyes. Ladies, particularly, never drop their guard from making their eyes more gorgeous than they already are. These little delicate organs, lovely though, flinch at the smallest disturbance and have you quivering to rid them of the foreign particle. At the wake of their very arrival, these foreign particles can sometimes turn the eyes crimson red and bloodshot and leave you with a throbbing stimulus to itch the particle its way out of your eyes. Calm your impulses and recollect these things:

1) Shed tears

Compelling as it may drive you, do not rub your eyes. Instead, you should start weeping. Yes, you make the particle get out not by using force but by coaxing it out with your tears. Gently pull the upper eyelid down over the lower eyelid which will extract gentle tears. Or easier yet, proximate your eye with onions until it leaves a pool of tears. As you blink away these tears, they gently let the foreign particle be washed away.
2) Despite the first mentioned flattering treatment, if the particle still remains stubborn as to not leave your eyes, it’s time you employ a little more force. Try flushing it out with running water or keep your eyes underwater in a bowl of fresh water and bat your eyelids. There is no way the little intruder in your eyes can survive this.
3) Sometimes, the object could be embedded strongly in your lower eyelid or the upper eyelid where self-help may not suffice. You may ask someone to slowly pull apart the eyelid, breaking its contact with the eyes and gently lift the object off the eye with clean, damp cloth. They ought to be careful while placing the eyelid back in its place. Make sure any contact lenses have been removed before you want to get your eyes treated.
4) If there is bleeding from inside the eyes, the victim’s head has to be elevated above his heart so that less blood flows towards the eyes. This is to retain blood loss. Cover both the eyes with clean cloth and avail medical help immediately.
5) Always after cleaning the eyes off a foreign object or while rushing to a nearby hospital for an eye injury, the eyes have to be immobilized of any movement. To stay still in their place and to avoid the involuntary blinking, a clean bandage or cloth has to be tied tightly over the eyes. It is important to stall the movement of the eyes in serious cases.
Diaphanous yet vital are your eyes. Always safeguard them and keep their translucent beauty intact. Just in case, something overrides your prevention, you ought to stay composed and follow these simple initial steps to restore them their normality.

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