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Five Bollywood movies which were actually flops when they came!

Movies that are evergreen.


Five Bollywood movies which were actually flops when they came!

Here we present you a list of six Bollywood movies which were not really the hits when they just came and yes you won’t believe your eyes reading this.

The movie that comes first in this list is:

Sholay:  I just couldn’t believe the flick that Sholay was actually a flop when it just came out.May be the definition of entertainment changed to us with time.the ‘damdaar’ dialogues  and punches of Sholay are just unbeatable even today.The movie speaks on behalf of it’s characters and that’s why we can make it even hundred of times when it is up on our TV screens.

Mera Naam joker :Rajkapoor starred movie ‘mera naam joker’was just unbelievable to that time.It took 6 years for the movie to get the screen,also it was the first debut of Rishi Kapoor to Bollywood.The movie beautifully said the story of a joker but perhaps the movie was much ahead of its time and that is why it could not reach the audience the way it was supposed to be however it’s one of the best classics of Bollywood.

Lamhe-The 90s best one that I found was ‘lamhe’ The movie recites the story of a young girl and a man who is older to her and an Anupam Kher movie is always enough to add some extra bits.The story was a completely different take on love an relationships ,but perhaps it could reach the audience rightly or they weren’t mature enough to get the flick

Umraao Jaan-I just did not wish to close my eyes when I looked at Rekha in this movie and this was how beautiful a lady can look with grace and beauty.The movie has earned some historic praises and appreciations.The cast,the costumes ,the background everything just come together to make it a perfect watch.The movie which bagged four national awards was however not a good reach to the audience at that time.

Agneepath-Who does not remember Vijay Deenanath Chauhan from Agneepath,I mean Amitabh Bachchan was just super wonderful for it.The lively dialogues,the characters had so much to say that it made it worthy for a remake.You can just say it was a perfect package but I do not get what was it with people in 90s that the movie did not go well.

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