Fans think Selena and Justin are back together. Whats your call?

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There’s been plenty of speculation surrounding Selena Gomez’s personal life as of late. Earlier this month, fans were shaking to hear that she and ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber were hanging out again. And now after news that she and The Weeknd have split, fans are already wondering if there’s something more than just friendship between Selena and the Biebs.

On Monday (October 30), People reported that Selena and Abel had officially broken up after 10 months of dating. Neither of them has commented on the change in relationship status, but a source told People that “she and Abel have been going back and forth for a few months about their relationship.” Fans also noticed that The Weeknd un followed Selena’s family and friends on Instagram, but still follows her.

Of course, the two could very well just be old friends, especially considering the fact that neither has officially commented on the present-day hangouts. An insider even told People that they were not back together. But despite that, fans now believe that because of the split from Abel on top of the recent chilling with Justin, that Selena and JBiebs are on once again.

One person tweeted, “First Miley and Liam. Now Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together. WHATS MEANT TO BE WILL BE PPL!!!” Another person wrote, “Justin and Selena are back together? I wish it was that easy to get my X back 😂”

Behavior like this is totally uncalled for, on all fronts. Even though Selena, Justin, and Abel are all celebrities, they deserve respect and privacy. First off, Selena and Justin could most definitely just be friends catching up with one another. And with Abel and Selena’s breakup still so recent, it’s extremely unfortunate that people would lash out at his personal account.

At this moment, everything is still up in the air about what exactly is going on between these three. It’s probably best to let them sort everything out without fans assuming things that they don’t know about.

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