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Facts You Should Know About Aamchi Mumbai.

Aamchi Mumbai.


Facts You Should Know About Aamchi Mumbai.

‘Bombay’ is actually a set of 7 islands.
The erstwhile ‘Bombay’, which is actually a set of seven islands, was not part of the British Empire but was given as the dowry by the Portuguese when Princess Braganza married Charles II of England. It took 60 years to merge the seven islands of Bombay into one landmass between 1784 and 1845.

First train in India!
On 16 April 1853, Bombay (now Mumbai) witnessed first train movement in India. With 14 carriages & 400 passengers left Bori Bunder (now Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal) for Thane in Maharashtra. Bombay (now Mumbai) also witnessed India’s 1st rail bridge.

Mumbai doesn’t just have the largest slum in Asia but the most expensive one.
Mumbai doesn’t just have the largest slum in Asia, but probably the most expensive one also. To build a house in Dharavi could cost more than a whopping three lakhs. It is also home to World’s most expensive house
Antilia, named after an island in Atlantic is a 27 story wonder house owned by business tycoon and India’s richest person Mukesh Ambani. Its current price is around 1 billion.

The names of places in Mumbai are mostly very ironic!
The Churchgate railway station in Mumbai neither has a gate nor a church. Other places that have ironic names are ; Victoria Terminus – where Queen Victoria never resided, Mahalaxmi Temple – located in Haji Ali, Lohaar Chawl – has no iron-smiths in the vicinity, Breach Candy – where there is a hospital but no candies, Bhendi Bazaar area – that has nothing to do with bhindis (okra)!

Mumbai Police’s elite commando force, which is a specialized counterterrorism unit to guard the Mumbai metropolitan area, is called Force One.

India’s 1st car owner lived here!
Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, India’s apex business tycoon and founder of the Tata Group, was the 1st person to own a car in India in 1901.

Ajmal Kasab, who killed more than 50 people in the heinous 26/11 attacks in Mumbai has a case registered by the Mumbai police for entering CST station without a ticket.

Many famous writers of the world born in Mumbai
Nobel Laureate Rudyard Kipling who wrote Kim and The Jungle Book was born in Mumbai. Even Gregory David Roberts and Salman Rushdie are Mumbaikars.

Biggest street festival in India!
Ganesh Chaturthi is the most popular 10 day festival in Mumbai which brings the whole city on the street.

The letter ‘B’ in Bollywood is derived from the city’s old name Bombay
Bollywood is one of the largest film producers in India and one of the largest centers of film production in the world. In reality, the Hindi Film cinema is the core of Bollywood.

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