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Escaping the reality-Indian education system.


Escaping the reality-Indian education system.

Education is the backbone of a nation.It gives a new vision to reality.but sadly ,The unseen reality is  that ,half of the country has no access to the education and only fraction of it goes to college.indian education system was once the most respected and followed system in the world.our civilisations be it, the Vedic,the Aryans,the Mesopotamians have proved themselves in the battle of intelligence.meanwhile the system saw its turmoil when the Britishers invaded India. tlToday we present you seven reasons ,why India has a worse education system.

1)Extreme pressure. A good education is one which survives out of pressure.our indian system makes it tough for both parents and the children to sustain this extreme pressure that works adversely.

2)Quality education. Well it’s not always about a rote memorization.Books does not give you everything to digest and even if it does we need to understand and not memorize.We are focusing on quantity education rather than the quality one.

3)value based education-our system focuses on academic wellbeing forgetting the need of moral and ethical values.we must focus on making good persons for society before creating the scholars.

4)Reservation system- The inequalities grow, wekening the backbone of our country.The reservation system is one of the worst reality we have today.The unfair
Side shows its power pushing deserving ones back .

5)Government control on system.-the profit making motto and corrupt intentions does not leave it unaffected.The consequence is that ,the poor India has no access to schools.Education is more a dream to them.

6)Negetive competition
The primary aim of education is to promote learning .However the competitive atmosphere has given rise to a suicidal attitude among the students.the marks based education system in letting knowledge die a forced death.

7)Applying the knowledge
The system focuses on children’s report card,it does not ask them if they are satisfied with what they are learning.There is no emphasis given on application and experience.The result is they do not understand what they have learnt.

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