Empathy is hard to deal with!

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It is not a necessity to revert to someone’s feelings in the same manner. But it is downright wicked thing to exploit human emotions. Why I say this is because this is what happens in current times and maybe not only in current times, but it happens all the time. Denying someone right of expression and playing with feelings is inhumane.

I’ve seen people suffer through and through. It is heartbreaking watching people being utilized. Are people ever going to realize their worth? If not then what are they even doing? Following someone’s footsteps, idolizing someone, living according to other people they consider wise and keeping others happy without taking care of themselves is really absurd.

Maybe a person does not have to like all the people or treat them nicely but atleast be civil enough to treat them as an equal. How long are people supposed to fight for themselves? How long do they have to wait to be regarded as what they wish to be? How long will they accept the way they are treated? Nobody answers these questions. And as one grows older and older it seems an intangible mess to get out of. Don’t we all look for someone to understand us?

Having an upper hand in any type of relationship does not help. The one being undermined submits to dominant one but bears a weakened grip of situations. Not apprehending one’s value because the superior person exploits their sentiments leaves them in a bad place in life. Feeling of momentary satisfaction from this superiority gets heavy on one’s heart as regret starts filling up the voids of free time. And soon enough everything will go dull and dreary because living with exploitation is not as easy as it seems. Also, when the get the taste of their own medicine, they’ll die. Empathy messes people up bad.

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