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Does Castor Oil Help Hair Growth? Yes, Read Here How!



Does Castor Oil Help Hair Growth? Yes, Read Here How!

In this modern day society, the major issue faced by almost everyone in this world apart from diabetes, heart attack, etc is nothing but hair loss. Hair loss can occur to both female and male at any age these days. The number of patients going to dermatologist to seek advice for hair loss and remedies for it is constantly increasing day by day. This scenario is caused mainly due to pollution. Pollution’s such as air pollution, water pollution, etc are the main reasons for too much of hair loss. Hair loss can also occur due to increase in the stress level of a person. When we look into the lives of IT professionals, it would be a miracle if they have a head full of hair still at the age of 50 as the amount of stress they have in that profession is tremendous. Unfortunately, for some people, hair loss is a heredity problem which can cause hair loss if either one of the parents have hair loss problems then their kids are prone to get the same hair loss issue no matter what precautions they take.


Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of ricinus communis which is also commonly known as the castor oil plant. Castor oil is known to have a mild odor and a more sticky consistency when compared to coconut oil. It serves a wide range of health benefits such as:

  • Helps in hair growth
  • Prevents hair thinning and hair loss
  • Clears the skin and serves as a facial oil cleanser
  • Treats stretch marks
  • Helps eyebrows and eyelashes regrow


Castor oil contains high fatty content which helps to keep the hair follicles moisturized and healthy under any circumstance. Castor oil is known to have quite a number of vital nutrients and vitamins that promotes hair growth as it strengthens the scalp. Since, it has a high fatty content, it not only helps to strengthen and promote hair growth but it also tames frizzy hair into a smooth, shiny and silky hair.


For this mask you will need:

  1. One Tablespoon of lemon juice
  2. One Tablespoon of honey
  3. Two Vitamin E Capsules
  4. ½ Cup of Curd
  5. One egg
  6. Two Tablespoons of castor oil

For preparing this hair mask follow the following steps:

  1. Mix the egg, lemon juice, castor oil, vitamin E, curd and honey together well into a smooth mixture without any lump formations.
  2. Then, rub this mixture thoroughly onto your scalp.
  3. Let it settle down for 30 minutes.
  4. Then, rinse your hair well with Luke warm.

Wrapping up with the benefits of this hair mask and why it would work perfectly:

  • Egg yolks are known very well by all to strengthen and thicken the density of the hair.
  • Lemon juice and honey helps to detoxify and remove the dead hair cells. It will replenish the hair cells healthier.
  • Vitamin E is the most important vitamin for hair growth.
  • Castor oil’s benefits are mentioned in detail above.

Hence, these are the benefits that prove that castor oil helps in hair growth.

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