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Do we really need censorship?

Need for censorship!


Do we really need censorship?

“Art immitates life and life immitates art too “and that’s how we say liveliness is the soul of recognises no boundaries it’s only aim is to set the minds free to wander in the world of creativity.Every artform is one of a kind.It makes you feel the beauty of things around you.It defines beauty in its own way and helps you in building your own definition.

When it comes to setting limits ,art is no more free to establish its own kingdom.but the question here is,do such limits serve justice to art.though limits are gud to keep ‘our freedom of expression in a limit’.The advocates of censorship offer many reasons to justify why do we not need  a censorship.censorship is basically about suppressing the words images and ideas that are offensive and yes the reality is not always pleasing.

Here are some reasons to believe why censorship let the artform die a natural death.

  • It presents the modified reality.

As we have talked ‘life immitates art’.let us take the most convincing example.Today we have film media,one with the widest reach and we have a censor board as well to modify the reality at times when it comes to ‘impact on society’.should the society not learn its truth? What this reality is about? should we not know it? Take your time to think.

  • Manipulating the real meaning

Censorship violates the first ammendment of our constitution which quotes for ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of expression’.It can change the meaning of a can present the things in the desired way.

  • You are censoring the real life.

To me censor is the most upsetting thing.Real life has never been like a fairytale and it can never be like that.To censor the art and the media is to censor the real life only.

  • We create a perfect ideal that never exist

We lie about a fat ass, because for society fat is a shame.we see what we want to.but we can’t have the same everytime we want it.

However censorship is not 100 percent bad.everything has some downsides.Its good to set a limit on the nudity of television media and sometimes on foul language too.

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