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Do we communicate!!!!

The way we communicate


Do we communicate!!!!

Most of my family members and relatives have complains with me or they often get frustrated with me because I do not communicate easily.It is not that i  am a very shy kind of person,’No’ absolutely not I say, I like interacting with people,but sometimes I feel it like’shall I begin it??and I have big question marks around me.yes, more power to social media.I do have platforms to interact but the rapid fire communicating style captivates to my generation only.

How can I not mention this incident ,I mean it has a lot to be talked about.So it was when I was working on my part 1 final paper,I was just too confident of writing a brilliant answer.when I got my paper back ,it had red circular marks.well,I got some remarks too.

1)its the not ‘d’

2)its be not ‘b’

3)this is how we write ‘that’ and it’s not dat.

PS-i had my social media chats over me.some incridibly useless ones.

  • So it is not that we do not communicate.we have our own ishtylye of plugging earphones and rapidly playing with the keyboard like guitar strings.Though we can make it for some really useless late night conversations but am sorry”My earphones have already defined I am preoccupied.”

We have our own evolutions, our own language and it’s the Renaissance of our time.we have our virtual space around us.we have our online friends and this is how we communicate.Gone are those days when people used to have hard earned friends in playground or schools.Today we have friends with whom we haven’t spent much personal time.

Technology has it’s positives and negetives.when we refer to the decline in communication skills it automatically comes to maintaining a balance.May be just may be you can have a better comfort at your texting keyboard but making it on a phone call or a video call makes it more personal and adds a touch of care to your communication.

So this was not about do we communicate or do we not!its more about our way of communication .its about how we design our space and how we decide to live into it.

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