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Delhi bans momos!



Delhi bans momos!

Momos are as common as we find traffic in karolbagh! You even need not enter a street or the lane and you can find a “momos wale bhaiya.”The humble momo has been everyone’s favourite snack but it is not the way it serves you the taste treat it contains monosodium glutamate a taste add on that makes it totally a health hazard and is considered responsible for cancer.The tastemaker in turn makes it an addictive.I often wonder ,why is it that the smell pulls me towards it so strongly and this is how I got to know about this chemical.

AJINOMOTO or the SODIUM GLUTAMATE has been considered unsafe by  WHO in 2014 because of its hazardous consequences.Before this we had a ban on Maggi noodles which contained this chemical.India was one of those 8 Countries which woke up to this and relaunched Maggi with a health assurance.

Momos ban in Delhi.

It began with the BJP leader’s Ramesh Arora’s campaign of allegedly banning the tastemaker that makes the snack unfit for consumption.The campaign focuses on avoiding momos altogether or eliminating this chemical which is responsible for making this dish a health hazard.The momos ban was first launched in Jammu and Kashmir which got a huge support on Twitter.Banning the AJINOMOTO is the right way to keep people away from the side effects of this chemical,says Arora.

Delhiites response.

It is not that the tastemaker is used only by the vendors,but the good to restaurant also use it to add the taste.Banning the AJINOMOTO is to take out the water out of the bathtub.Banning the AJINOMOTO is not the right solution ,says the managing director of ,cafe indian delight.Most of the Chinese and Japanese dish use it as a taste ingredient.

On the ban:

Momos are perhaps more famous in Delhi than the golgappas.’delhi can’t survive without momos’,says athira,a law graduate from’s next to oxygen to us and that’s how we are habitual of this snack.

On one hand the youths are considering it as a sheer nonsense to ban momos in j&k and in Delhi on the other hand, health experts are  definitely praising this step and looking forward to see a healthy India.

Eat healthy!stay healthy!

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