Communication is the solution to all your problems.

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If only cold wars and silent treatment could solve the problems, everybody would be together and merry. Resorting to not communicating in order to solve your problems, punishing each other’s mistake in a friendship, relationship or otherwise is anybody’s stupid-est decision ever. Communication is always the key. To correct your wrongs, to set the flow of motion in right direction, to deepen and strengthen your bonds, communication is the best way.

Tell the other concerned person with the issue cause of your anger or frustration or what their mistake was. Maybe you misunderstood, maybe whatever they did or said wasn’t their intention, they may not have meant it like what you perceived. Stop acting and reacting on your assumptions and do one simple task : talk it out. You will be surprised at what all could be untangled and explained the course of thought behind an action by just asking about  it.

Every one goes through a lot of problems and everyone makes a lots of mistakes, after all, it is human nature but it should not be end of any of your relationships. Communication gap is the reason behind differences between parents and children or siblings or friends or you and your other half. Regrets take over such differences in future. Do you want to blame yourself for the rest of your lives just because you thought it was too late to sort out your disputes? Do you wanna burn under guilt all your life only because it was not your fault and the other one couldn’t come forward and apologize? It is completely your decision what you wanna do with your relationships. Saving them is really easy.

Communicate, Express, Understand. Reach out to the person who you have a tiff with and ask them to talk to you about the situation you both are in. How and why it took place at all. Express your emotions and feelings regarding the situation and express what is it that ticked you off. How to handle such situations in the future. Also, try to understand each other’s point of views as to what made you take the action which resulted in this fight or difference. And there you have it, a sorted situation. Hug it out maybe!


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