Weight Lifting Injuries

Common Weight Lifting Injuries You Need To Watch Out For!

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We will be discussing about the five common weight lifting injuries one should watch out for.


  1. DISC HERNIATION (& DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE) – Disc herniations are commonly caused due to poor lifting mechanics. The possible symptoms of a disc herniation are localized back pain and numbness that travels down to the legs. Another possibility is degenerative disc disease. This is a term widely used to describe excessive wear and tear on the spine. Both disc herniations and degenerative disc disease can be aggravated by chronic poor posture, especially during lifting and exercising.
  1. IT BAND SYNDROME – This injury is very usual among runners, especially if your form is not that favourable. The IT Band is a thick fibrous ligament on the side of your thigh that moves down to the outside of your knee. This injury can inflict pain anywhere from your outside hip bone down to your knee.
  1. ACHILLES TENDONITIS – Achilles tendonitis is another usual injury among runners and its symptoms include pain in the back part of the heel up to the Achilles tendon. These symptoms can linger and are often aggravated by running, especially uphill or on sand. This frequently takes a long time to heal. If you have Achilles tendonitis, the initial step is to rest to reduce the inflammation, allowing the tendon to soothe. Then, one should slowly build up the strength in the calf muscle by doing heel raises.
  1. SUPERIOR LABRUM ANTERIOR AND POSTERIOR (SLAP) TEAR – Majority of people would have heard of rotator cuff injuries, but another part of the shoulder that commonly gets injured in athletes is the labrum. A SLAP tear (which stands for Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior) can happen from both acute trauma and repetitive stress from motions like throwing or overhead lifting. One should be very careful of workouts and exercises that continually stress your arms overhead or when fully rotated. If you can’t raise your arm without pain, feel that one or both shoulders are weak, or experience popping/catching in certain movements, one should get professional medical advice as soon as possible.
  1. TENNIS ELBOW (LATERAL ELBOW TENDONITIS) – This injury is frequently caused by over-gripping, and linger like other tendon problems. Symptoms comprise of an ache on the outside of your elbow, and when one straightens his arm and pull his palm towards you, you’ll feel a stretch along the outside of the forearm muscle. Similar to Achilles problems, one requires ample rest to soothe the inflammation before slowly strengthening your gripping muscles. One can regularly massage and stretch the muscles, which aids in increasing the blood flow.




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