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Bitter ones are real friends!


Bitter ones are real friends!

We sure meet all kinds of people in our life. The funny ones, the kind ones, the mean ones, the introvert ones, the cute ones, the friendly ones, the intellectual ones. But the ones who are bitter are one of their kinds. Something or someone leave them bitter in their lives. Though the truth is that they are so real. They would rather be isolated than be pretending to like other people while socializing. The connections they make with people is one without any loophole, trust me. They would tell you your mistakes right to your face. They’ll help you and support you in all walks of your life.

All of you may have come across such kinds. They are repelling at first because they don’t want any sort of bullshit to deal with. The last thing on their mind is fake friendship. Sometimes they can be hard to bear but if you can bear a friend like that, dude, you are in luck. You have a friendship that needs to be cherished as these one friend will be your rock, your constant. These kind of friends establish connections which are beneficial for both the parties. They have practical solutions for all your problems ’cause, hey!, who doesn’t have frustrating problems to deal with. But with a friend like that bye-bye problems.

Don’t let their bitterness fool you, they are sweethearts inside like Mr Scrooge in A Christmas Carol or Mr Carl in Up. Just tired of the drama some people thrive on, that’s all. Otherwise, they are purest of souls you have ever met. About time you go and message the person who has come to your mind and tell them how much you appreciate their rawness. They are tough ones who go through life with a sense of maturity with them. And no society is complete without all kinds of people living in it. So is one incomplete without the bitter ones.

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