Best Swimming Pool Exercises To Burn Calories

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Swimming is an excellent leisurely sport which is ideal for burning calories. There are numerous pool exercises to burn calories faster and are listed below.

  • Double leg lift – Lean back on the edge of the pool and lower your legs down and raise them up a few seconds later while keeping both legs straight and together.
  • Flutter kick – Kick your legs speedily while holding on to the edge of the pool or paddleboard.
  • Cross knees to elbows – Stand in the pool and bring one elbow down across your body to your opposite knee and switch sides and do vice-versa.
  • Lateral Raises – One can use pool weights or pool noodles and raise and lower them straight out from your sides.
  • Cross Country skiing – Jump your legs forward and backward while moving your arms in opposition.
  • Noodle Plank – While you hold the noodle in front of you, push down until you are in a plank position with your body in a straight line and toes on your bottom.
  • Noodle Plank with Knee Tuck – Tuck your knees up to your chest and shoot your legs out behind you to plank position again.
  • Noodle Press Down – Push down the noodle until it touches your legs and then release it back up.
  • Noodle Flyback – Mount your pool noodle like a bicycle and sweep forward and backward motions with your arms to move you backwards across the pool. This is a good workout for your chest, shoulders, upper back and abs.
  • Pendulum Swing – Hold on to the edge of the pool and tick tock your legs side to side like a swinging pendulum. Bring your leg as high as you can to work out the outer thigh.
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