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Being in a girls college:Things you need to know.

Being in a girls college.


Being in a girls college:Things you need to know.

Getting into Delhi University was like a dream to me.My excitement was on peak when I got down at new Delhi railway station.Everything was quite clear and so was the admission procedure.I managed to get a girls college in the north campus.However getting into a girls college is not as tough as surviving there.

Initial few days were boring and tough.Atending the philosophy classes everyday was not something really I wished for though we would have some great fashionistas in the college and trust me, the only good thing that happened those days was watching them dressed up and decked up.I had friends some really good ones who left the college  between the course.It took an year to form a good bond and yes the second year just happened to be ironically beautiful.
Being in a girls college it’s not just about feeling lost and is something that lets you be identified distinctly in the crowd and it’s all due to your ‘all girls college’.

  • You eventually know what does it take to have a great fashion sense.

Being in a girls college you just know how to style yourself .you know it well which scarf goes with which dress and which jewellery matches which trust yourself  for everything be it an Indian Beauty or a fashion Diva.You confidently present yourself before others and that’s how it makes you elegantly beautiful.

  • You are knowing already how to manage the situation.

Girls are smart and hardworking.Being in a girls college you gradually learn managing things on yourself.Its great to see how the young ladies manage such huge crowds during the fest season. They manage everything from refreshments to stage and that’s how you say,you have become independent young ladies.

  • They respect ‘space’.

Ofcourse they love being in your company but do not try taking their space.They better know how to respect your privacy and take their own space from you.’space is all that makes u feel live’ so give it and take it.

  • Straight and extrovert.

Girls are generally talked about, for being quirky and backbitchers but this is not what it is.take care if you are dating a girl from a all girls college,She would speak right straight on your face what she does not like.They are easygoing and extroverts give them time to understand you and take time to understand them,once known they are the best.

  • They are ambitious.

They do not like to be your would be wife.they have got their wings to fly high and will to fulfill their ambitions.

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