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Because indian marriages are just too much.

Indian marriages are just too much.


Because indian marriages are just too much.

We have seen those marriages,where the groom’s get BMWs as dowrry from the girl’s side and fly off to Spain and Paris for honeymoon.But here we are not talking about such really lavish weddings.

It is all about the poor middle class who spends the money bearing the burden of dowry.Sadly it’s not just about the expensive gifts,it includes the high expenditures on fuel,on food that goes waste and showing off the grandness of debt that has been taken and it is quite unfortunate that the trend is not at all falling down.

The worst reality of our indian marriages is dowry which is the most opaque deal that happens to exist between the groom and and the bride’s side.However this could have been more transparent by attaching an invoice with the groom which may say about the his price. be it the cost of his degrees,cost for keeping the bride with him,fooding etc.Moreover the condition remains​ unchanged and dowry remains the worst reality of our society.

Here we share some more reasons why indian marriages are simply too much to be handled.

Spending on food.

Indian spends there most of the money on food.and ironically it has became a trend now.surveys say 50 percent of the food we have during our indian marriages goes waste.People who come to wedding are necessarily to be fed and that’s how it works for the food that goes to dustbins.

We spend enough to show we are not off.

Indian weddings comes more with the flavour of festivals as compared to are taken just to show off how presentable we is not the only thing, we need to spend more on decorations ,furnitures,paints and heavily embellished dresses which has nothing  to do after the marriages.

Log kya kahenge!

Most of us just keep spending in the marriages because of log kya kahenge.Some of us do want to spend on the marriages but trust me even if these log doesn’t say anything such people will keep spending lavishly,afterall this is a matter of satisfaction.

But yes each and every thing that works in a marriage has something to do with our deep rooted culture.Manytime we have another marriages which are being fixed in a marriage.Indian marriages are always a big gathering and get together.It involves sharing and caring.So anyway and everyway indian marriages are too much to talk about.

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