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Because Dating is not all about getting married!!


Because Dating is not all about getting married!!

  • There exist a metaphor that, the person you date owns a place in your heart.Owning a place is though a metaphor but many people holds an openion that,once you are dating someone and you get married to someone else ,you are not able to love your spouse whole heartedly.However it is not always true ,people love and sometimes more strongly.Dating someone is not always about making love,getting married and having kids.
    No I believe ,completely not.
    You can friendzone your partner,you can set your limits perfectly.That is how it works for a healthy relationship.
    Your relationships make you somehow more sensible.Everytime when you are with someone you learn a lot of things and eventually something about your self that makes you a better person.
    Since it is not about why should we date,let us discuss why dating is not all about getting married.

You just can’t marry someone you have met, because you know him?do you think so?take your time! always!.people who are in serious relationships wait after they get engaged.Marriage is not just about knowing about your likes and dislikes.Do not be the Disney princess in your teens.You are just too early to plan this. Always wait for a good time.

Some of the couples who get married after dating each other for short do have wonderfully beautiful marriages and sometimes it does not work well even after spending a long time with your partner before marriage.So it is not just about the time duration.Know your partner well.Talk to each other about different aspects which is involved in a successful marriage.respect eachother’s values and develope an understanding before you enter a marriage.

Know about each other’s families and friends.
This is one of the most important thing that you should do before you get married.some people intentionally hide about their past relationships and their friends.However this may cause serious Downs in your healthy married life.Always be open to your partner.Know your families well before you get married because a marriage is much ahead of have to live with them it is always good to know them before.

Experience your good and bad times together before you plan to get married.It always help you deciding whether you can be together in future or not.!

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