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I guess there are many people who like to victimize themselves for the sole purpose of attention. They love attention to such an extent that blaming the people around them does not seem to be a problem. They don’t really care about keeping secrets when somebody confides in them because, you know, gossip points.

Half of the problem is the people in their life who have conditioned these type of people to be what they are. They have always given more than their share of attention as well as pampered liked a child. So it’s normal for them to be such people. They’ve never kept a secret or had friends who can teach them the same. Their blame game is too strong, people own the blames or never get a chance to justify themselves. Others don’t really bother considering their acknowledgment about the fact that their type thrives off attention and would do anything to get more than necessary.They make you look bad in front of other people and strong affections of people towards them proves to be frustrating for you.

These affections towards attention seeking people are unhealthy. We need to stop this. If you see such type of people around show them what good friends are and that they don’t need public to know about everything they do. Because some people are there who can love them and respect them, not everybody needs to like them. It isn’t obvious that all of the people around are around for their best interest and they need to understand this. Sometimes people take advantage of others and this might be one of the reasons of why they are the way they are.

Guide them to live their life for themselves instead of others. In the time of need, not all they expect to help them would. So instruct them that they need to look for people who are good people and stick with them in all times and situations. Then they’ll be look forward towards this new part in their lives and be grateful for what you did for them. Because everybody matters and deserves the best.

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