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As long as you know to dress well….


As long as you know to dress well….

Appearances are deceptive they say. But I wouldn’t agree completely with that now, would I? I person is not exactly a ditto of what he looks like. But, it might let you get a glimpse. Looks apart, the way of dressing matters. The way one has dressed lets us get an idea of what we could expect them to be. But remember, don’t be too keen to the point where you start being judgmental. Clothes aren’t all, but they occupy a huge place in giving you a presentable look. Here are some tips for dressing well without having to spend on expensive clothing:

1) Wear clothes that fit you

Wear clothes that wrap your body in just the right places. Irrespective of your body frame and size, you should always go for fitting clothes; you need to pick clothes that neither hug you too tight nor hang loose in places. If you are too attracted to a dress to not buy it but are having problems with the size, you may mostly have the option of altering it accordingly.

2) Spic and span

Clean and neat clothes are a must, irrespective of what the occasion is. It gives off the impression that you are a tidy person. Immaculate clothes always attract approval. Always iron your clothes and make sure there are no dirty patches. No matter how old the dress is or what its cost is, wearing it clean and well smoothened can surely give it a better look.

3) The right combinations

Figuring out what tops could go best with your red and white checked palazzos is all up to your own smart sense. Make sure that your top wear, bottom wear, accessories and shoes all fit in place. Not put on something mismatching and ruin the entire look. If you don’t possess the earrings that you should be wearing with that dress, then I’d rather you not to wear one at all.

4) Stay comfortable in your clothing

Atop the entire buzz about good dressing, one that matters the most is how you feel in it. Make sure you can walk, move and expose yourself totally comfortable in what you have dressed in. How you feel about yourself should top the priorities. There is no use wearing a stunning outfit when you feel less than at ease with yourself in it.

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