An ounce of artificial sweetener over several spoons of sugar

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Artificial sweeteners could be preferred for people with diabetes because they don’t contain much glucose. They work their magic by providing sweetness to foods similar to that provided by honey, sugar, and molasses but they are very low-calorie containers. Better yet, they let you eat sweets without the fear of toothaches. Thus, they are of double benefits. There are sweeteners of varying intensities, nature and tastes.

Before you take foods that contain artificial sweeteners, check if you are strictly abiding by your ADI. ADI refers to Acceptable Daily Intake. It is the amount of any substance you can take every day over an entire lifetime without being inflicted from any harm from it. The ADI for artificial sweetener differs with the weights of different people.

Before you calculate the ADI for your weight, take notes of the following four ADI figures of you respective sweeteners in mg, as shown in the chart-

  • Acesulfame K –   15
  • Aspartame –  40-50
  • Saccharin –  5
  • Sucralose –  5-15
  • Cyclamate –  11

Now, for example, your weight in kilogram is 45 kg. And sweetener from the chart is saccharin. Then your ADI is 225 mg. (5*45). You can safely intake 225 mg per day. One pack may approximately contain only 30 mg. So, you can eat around 7-8 packets per day. An effective alternative though these artificial sweeteners are for diabetic patients, it is wise to consume according to the ADI standards. Excess amounts of anything can have run downs. It is advisable that pregnant or nursing mothers consult their doctors regarding this.

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