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Adulting: inevitable!


Adulting: inevitable!

So there comes a time in everyone’s life when the realization of being an adult hits you. Simply because you cannot be the careless child anymore. Maybe when you’re travelling it hits you that you don’t have to ask your parents to drop you off anymore. When you have to buy the necessary stuff from your hard-earned money and how you used to spend the money your parents gave like it was nothing. When you live away from home, it dawns upon you how dependent you were on your mother for everything. Washed clothes to tasty hot meals at home, all are just memories now that you are an adult.

It is a difficult task to be an adult because suddenly there is a whole lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. You just can’t do with a leisurely attitude, it’s much too childish. Now every thing has to be taken care of: bills, wages, expenditures and whatnot. Taxes are the most perplexing of all. Because, apparently, your school had to teach you Pythagoras theorem and Bernoulli’s theorem but couldn’t teach you how to handle your taxes.

But it had to happen sooner or later, what hits you hard is the abruptness of it all. At one moment you were playing in the dirt and in another moment you had to save for rent. Don’t let it get to your head and scare you off. You can handle it with ease. Do not shy away for asking you parents for advice or the elders you can approach. You have to take the big decisions in life. Weren’t you, after all, waiting to call your own shots? Now, that you have the opportunity. Don’t waste it. Contemplate over all the decisions and come to a resolution carefully. These are the crucial moments which make or break your future. So, Congratulations on being an adult because you can do it!

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