9 DIY steps to mend your bicycle puncture

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Misfortune seldom announces its arrival. Don’t let your good day suffer the blotches of trivial kicks in the bum. On your bumpy ride down the craggy roads, a small puncture in the tyre of your bicycle can turn off your bright spirits. Here is how you glue the simple puncture mending techniques to your fingernails. Nine steps are all it would take. Make sure you always stock a puncture repair kit at home.

1) Pinch the tyre all the way around near the rim. Careful as to not pinch the inner tube, peel the rim of the tube off the wheel with the help of tyre levers.

2) After you have completely removed the tube, replace the valve

3) Flex the tyre and scrutinize your eyes into spotting the portion of the tube where the hole might be.

4) If you still cannot spot the hole, inflate the tube with a bicycle pump and then put the tube in water. Fled and immerse each portion of the tube into the water. Repeat until you see air bubbles escaping from the tube. The spot where air bubbles emerge from is where the puncture is.

5) When you have found the hole, mark it with a ballpoint pen. You don’t want to repeat the whole tiring search for the hole all over again, do you?

6) Dry the tube and roughen it with some fine-grained abrasive paper. This will hold the glue to the tube.

7) Spread rubber solution on the tube and wait till it turns glutinous.

8) Take a patch and cover the holed area over the rubber solution. Press firmly with your fingers and wait for a couple of minutes. Dry the mended area with chalk powder and ward off any stickiness that is left. Inflate the tube mildly and check if the mending work has been accomplished.

9) Starting with the valve, push the tube back inside the tyre and place the tyre back on the rim of the wheel. Roll the tyre back on the rim. Now that your punctured tube is no more punctured, inflate it completely and get riding your way off the impended trouble!

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