7 Side Effects Of Straightening Hair-Time For A Straight Talk

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In this modern day society, the major issue faced by almost everyone in this world apart from diabetes, heart attack, etc is nothing but hair loss. Hair loss can occur to both female and male at any age these days. The number of patients going to dermatologist to seek advice for hair loss and remedies for it is constantly increasing day by day. This scenario is caused mainly due to pollution. Pollution’s such as air pollution, water pollution, etc are the main reasons for too much of hair loss. Hair loss can also occur due to increase in the stress level of a person. When we look into the lives of IT professionals, it would be a miracle if they have a head full of hair still at the age of 50 as the amount of stress they have in that profession is tremendous. Unfortunately, for some people, hair loss is a heredity problem which can cause hair loss if either one of the parents have hair loss problems then their kids are prone to get the same hair loss issue no matter what precautions they take. Nowadays, many women love to straighten their hair because straight hair is more easily manageable and looks neat, formal, sleek and stylish. However, they should also be aware of the side effects of straightening their hair.


  1. Excessive Drying – Repeated straightening of hair using flat irons or chemical relaxants can strip your hair of natural oils. The high amount of heat results in decreased elasticity of the hair, thereby making your hair more brittle, dry and coarse.
  1. Frizziness – Dryness of the hair as a result of repeated straightening can lead to frizzy hair. It is always advisable to use a conditioner on the bottom half of the hair to prevent frizzy hair.
  1. Breakage – The direct heat applied to the hair using a straightener or chemical relaxants causes the hair to become excessively dry and eventually result in breakage. The breakage causes split ends, thereby giving an unpleasant look.
  1. Dullness – The lack of natural oils from the scalp causes the hair to lose its luster. Dry hair will certainly not have a glossy, shiny look and will make the hair look unpleasant and bland. Apple cider vinegar rinse, argon or avocado oil will help to make your hair look glossy.
  1. Hair Loss – Straightening chemicals or repeated straightening damages or even kills your hair follicles, resulting in a greater risk of hair loss, thereby leading to baldness.
  1. Itchy Scalp – Since straightening strips the hair of natural oils, the hair follicles die from straightening and there is not sufficient oil to moisturize the scalp. Thus, this causes the scalp to become dry and itchy and begin to flake.
  2. Physical Irritation – The usage of flat irons, straighteners, blow dryers release formaldehyde gas. Repeated exposure of this gas can cause skin irritation, eye irritation, nose irritation and lung irritation. This chemical has been associated with rare cancers such as nasopharyngeal cancer so one should be very careful and avoid frequent usage of straighteners, flat irons and blow dryers.



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