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7 Oils For Scars-Heal Those Stubborn Scars Naturally

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A scar is formed due to the destruction of numerous layers of skin tissue and one remedy may not work for everyone. Scars from moderate to deep wounds can last for a long period of time and sometimes even for life. However, there are very few remedies and medicines to treat scars. Most medicines are steroidal in nature and should not be used for a long period of time. One can also try laser scar lightening method to remove stubborn scars. However, it is always advisable to try out natural remedies that can lighten the scars over a period of time. We will be discussing about 7 different types of oils that can be used to heal the stubborn scars naturally.


  1. LAVENDER OIL – Lavender oil is very relaxing and heals scars effectively. It stimulates the growth of new cells. One can try applying a few drops of lavender oil in water on fresh wounds to speed up the healing process and reduce scars. One can also apply diluted lavender oil for numerous days to achieve visible results.
  1. COCONUT OIL – Coconut oil is gaining more popularity as a healer of the gut and immune system, hair and body. A combination of lemon juice and coconut oil can be applied every day to lighten the scars obtained from burn wounds. The Vitamin E present in coconut oil aids in healing the scars at a faster pace. One can also try applying coconut oil for fresh burn wounds that can be treated at home because it prevents infection and reduces scar formation.
  1. HELICHRYSUM OIL – The essential oil obtained from the plant Helichrysum italicum treats scars of all kinds, be it from injuries or surgeries.
  1. CARROT SEED OIL – Carrot seeds contain potent oil which is very effective in treating scars and blemishes. It is ideal for moisturizing the skin as well. It can used for treating fine lines, stretch marks and other skin damages. It should also be noted that it should always be diluted with carrier oil before use.
  1. OLIVE OIL – Olive oil contains moisturizing benefits. It aids in removing dead skin cells that form the scar and heals the skin over a period of time. One should try using extra virgin olive oil as much as possible.
  1. MUSTARD SEED OIL – Mustard seed oil is very effective in treating scars. An ointment containing mustard seed oil is an excellent way to treat stubborn scars.
  1. ROSE HIP OIL – Rose hip oil can be used as a bathing oil, it aids in the reduction of the overall appearance of scars.
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