6 Exercises For Better Posture

6 Exercises For Better Posture

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Inorder to prevent posture related back pain, it is very important to maintain the natural lumbar curve of your lower back. Hence, the six exercises listed below will ensure that one has a better posture.

  1. Single Leg Extension – This exercise will help to guard the pelvis region of the body as it pressurizes the core muscles. This will certainly ensure that one maintains a good posture at all times. This exercise is also useful in regulating breath control.
  2. The New Crunch – This exercise is also commonly known as curl up. It helps to build the muscles at the rectus and abdomen region. This is a basic exercise for having a six pack muscular body. This exercise also helps to work on the oblique which refers to the waist area.
  3. Yoga Sit Up – This exercise is also widely known as pilates roll up. This is very effective in building up the core muscles at the rectus, abdomen, oblique and transverse abdomen region. Therefore, this will ensure that the spine gets more strengthened and lengthened.
  4. Crossover – This exercise is very effective for all core muscles. It mainly focuses on the oblique and is also essential for regulating breathing.
  5. Back Extension – This is also popularly known as the cobra pose. This particular exercise is specifically effective in strengthening the erector spine muscles and other lower back muscles such as pelvic girdle. This exercise is imperative for those who have the habit of slouching because this exercise helps to extend the spine.
  6. Plank Pose – This exercise is effective in strengthening the oblique and abdomen region and is also efficient in removing shoulder and back pain.

Therefore, these exercises are a must for all ages of people to maintain a good posture.

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