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5 Weird Places Where Peoples Hide Their Money.


5 Weird Places Where Peoples Hide Their Money.

Some times it’s creative but some times it’s really weird and annoying that people used this kind of trick to hide their money. Today I am going to tell you some really interesting but weird places where these peoples hide their money.

  1. Toilet

Shocked? Yeah I was also shocked when i hear first but you won’t believe that American Businessman Petrik Duene hide approx 1.2 Crore Rs in his Toilet. The matter comes in knowledge when a contractor comes to know about this and he bargained with Petrik to share the money. In the end money was divided between 21 Peoples.

2. Heal Of Sandle

An Columbia Airport, America A woman caught with approx 4 lakh 50 thousands rupees is purse. When Police checked her fully, The authority get Approximately 1 Crore 15 Lakh Rupees from the Heal of the Sandle which Woman wore.

3. In Stomach

When Sandra Milena Almeda found cheated by her husband, she swallow all the Note so that her husband did not get the money. Soon when she realized the pain she admitted in the hospital.

4. Toilet Paper

One man hide all his money in the toilet paper. He joined all the Note in sequence and the wrapped the note on the roll and cover the upper layer with original toilet paper.

5. Medicine Bottle

Medicine Bottle is also a best place to hide your money. Because these bottles are dark in color and due to large labeling it’s tough to see inside material of the bottle.


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